Apprentice mate employment

Adam Chance here,
I’m 36 yrs of age and have my apprentice mate license looking for a company that will allow me to reach my full potential. I’m inland waters based but I have no bounds. Just want a great company to finish up the yrs I have left. I’m a family man and believe that a mans word is his bond.

Good luck getting hired as an apprentice mate. You would be better off trying to get hired as an AB then finishing up your TOAR to get a wheelhouse position.

Anyone I know knot hires trainees with licenses, usually a 1,600 ocean or near coastal with mate/master of towing. and they really don’t hire trainees. Usually you work as an Ab until proven competent then get put on as an extra mate trainee to get signed off.

Look for an AB job. Plenty of room to advance and reach your potential through that route.

Make sure you are working with a DE

Just make sure you tell recruiters that you believe a mans word is his bond and you will get hired no problem.