Looking for wheelhouse position

ive been looking for employers that hire apprentice mates. 90% finished with TOAR. any help would be great. 100 ton master 200 ton mate w/ near coastal endorsment.

Unless you’re 100% finished with your TOAR and signed off, no one else is going to sign off a 90% completed one. (At least I wouldn’t) Your TOAR is a lengthy process, and isn’t valid until it’s signed. If you haven’t completed it, then how can a DE sign it off? If you were hired at my company and presented me with a partially completed TOAR from some where else, we would be starting off at square one. Sorry, that’s just my feelings.

Once you have the TOAR signed off, (assuming you have the apprentice mate license) you can go in to the CG and have the license processed to get your Mate Towing Vessel endorsement.

When you are in that category, then you can go out and try to find an actual steering job. Of course this would hinge on your ability, and proven track record. But that is up to you!l