Applying for SIU help

I just started the application process for SIU and have already applied for the TWIC.

I’m not sure whether I need the CG-719 K or K/E version for entry level, and what if I can’t find an accredited drug testing location near me? I think the tool the USCG recommends is broken because it only finds one drug testing facility in all of Florida :grimacing:

Are the people at SIU pretty helpful if you call them with questions? I would, but it’s sunday.

Follow these directions.

The physical and drug test are arranged through the SIU hall.

From what I read SIU does their own physical and drug test, these are to get your MMC before you are even in the union

They do not do it themselves but have a list of clinics and drug testing services that they use for their members.

But to answer your specific questions; Application for Merchant Mariner Medical Certificate for Entry Level Ratings (CG-719K/E) .

There are a number of testing services. Quest Diagnostics is one, EMSI is another.

If you read the directions in the link you will note the you first have to get through Step 1 and be selected to move onto Step 2. No point in getting the physical and drug test before that.

Him saying he’s “applying” makes me think he’s applying to their apprenticeship program. Do they do the drug testing there for apprentices or make you go to an approved vendor before arrival?

Agree, I assumed as well he was applying for their apprentice program. Once he applies and passes their initial screening to be accepted, he will be told to go to an approved vendor. He needs it to get his MMC.


I am applying for the apprenticeship, yes. I am going ahead and getting the MMC even though I am not to step 2 yet, because I was told to do that to be accepted faster because these items take longer.

I found a local sea school that takes care of the drug testing with an approved MRO

You should apply for: Twic, MMC, passport, global entry trusted traveler card, and your “shot card” with yellow fever vaccination. You will need all of these. I assume you have a driver’s license.

i think they do the yellow fever at the SIU hall. i just got my drug test done with a maritime consortium so once I have a physical done by a doctor I should be good for an MMC