SIU UA Paperwork

I’m about to fill out the CG-719B for an MMC.

The paperwork sent to me says: “Your MMC must state OS, WI, SD(FH), make sure it states food handler (FH) .”

So I assume I put those things in Section II: Requested Coast Guard credentials , description of Endorsements desired?

Do I put the 2 year STCW medical certificate in this box as well?

Sorry, all this is a bit confusing and thank you in advance for any help

No. Endorsements are applied for on the 719B and the medical certificate is a separate application. You need to either use 719K or 719K/E. I think either one will work for you. The 719K/E is for entry level ratings and is shorter than the full CG-719K. Although I don’t know why if you are getting a physical you wouldn’t just use CG-719K anyway.

You can send both the 719B and 719K or K/E off to the REC in one single pdf package.

Thanks for the reply. I assumed the K/E was what i need since this is my first application and I’m applying because of the apprenticeship

The CG-719K/E wasn’t around when I started out so I don’t know much about it. But you can’t use it if you intend to stand a navigational or engineering watch. Since you will as an apprentice, I think you need to get the CG-719K.

If someone else can explain why the CG-719K/E is ever a better choice for an entry level mariner, I’d appreciate it.

thanks, and yeah that makes sense. i might just have to call SIU tomorrow

As far as the CG-719B, look at this Guide to assist you.

In section II you will want to write ordinary seaman, wiper, and steward’s department food handler (F.H.)

For the physical use CG-719K.