Piney Point, MD SIU apprenticeship program

I recently found out about this program and I am very interested in it. On the application there are sections for passport and merchant mariners document. I do not have either of these documents and was wondering if I will be denied entry? Should I obtain both of these documents and [I]THEN[/I] send in the application stating that [I]I DO[/I] have them? or can I still get in without them and then just get them before i begin phase I?

at least start the process of your passport, I am looking to renew mine for my journy of getting my license and credentials back, That seems to be the easiest one so far, but unless you are leaving soon on a trip, they take 5-7 weeks to process.

You will need MMD, TWIC, and passport

8 month wait…after you submit application, copies of MMD,TWIC,PAssport, letter from dentist, and 8th grade level math and english test taken at nearest SUI Union Hall. It will take a year from time you start til you show up to school…and about 2000 dollars. I know this cause im doing it now. Im done, just waiting for them to send me letter to start class in March.

Get all the documents together first (TWIC, Passport, MMC). That shouldn’t take more than a month. Once I sent everything in, I was assigned a start date 4 months later. Not that bad in my book.