Applying to SIU this week, any advice?

I’m just waiting on my old boss to give me a letter of recommendation, and then I’m applying (First step)

Does anyone have any tips about the application process they would like to share?

Thanks in advance. I’ve read pretty much every thread about SIU on this forum :smiley:

I’m from Florida, 32, no criminal record and don’t do drugs. But no experience on the water.

I’m interested in joining the SIU. I decided to get my AB in the gulf and convert it to a Able Seafarer Deck before applying though as I was told that since I was in my thirties I would be unlikely to get accepted into their entry level training program. I think it maybe for the best though as I was paid for my time. I’ve been to a few of their halls and the boards always seem to have a decent amount of openings. I’m coming up on enough sea time soon I just hope the pay there is equivalent to what I’m doing now. Get your RFPNW sheet signed off as soon as possible.

Hi hmshood and snakenbush! I know this is a bit dated, and times are interesting right now, so whatever I have to say may not apply in this world’s current situation.

I can’t speak for what the union is doing now, other than coronavirus damage control, but I’ve been with the SIU since 2002. When things go back to normal, the apprentice program is your best way to go. Rating trumps entry, but seniority trumps seniority, and the apprentice program spits you out with a probationary B book. Starting as a C book is a hard road that’s burned many people out and swallowed their pension contributions.

snakenbush - we could use more ABs right now, so if I were you, I’d at least apply and try to leverage your rating and experience with the school.

hmshood - when things get back up and running, sailing is an excellent investment if you’re willing to commit to this lifestyle. This industry has a high attrition rate, which is totally understandable. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind the sacrifices, it’ll pay off. If it’s not for you, that’s okay too. Us older salts all know someone who hates being trapped on a boat that we’d all rather not be trapped on a boat with.

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sorry it took me so long to reply, and thank you for your reply. do you know what happens if i don’t have all my paperwork done by 90 days for SIU? All I am waiting for is the MMC and it’s not moving at all.