All Hail Trump, the greatest weather forecaster ever

Next time I’m sailing through a hurricane and trump says I’m not, I’ll let the office know I’ll make that ETA after all.


We have a moronic, narcissistic, idiot, in charge of our government.


Wilburn Ross threaten to fire NOAA staff for contradicting Trump:

Did he do that on his own accord, or ordered to do so from above??

PS> I didn’t know that they allowed 70 year olds i kindergartens.


Too bad the world is so quick to pick on our Commander in Chief. Before he was even talking about the weather, plans were in place to move drillships out of their respective shipyards in MISSISSIPPI and ALABAMA basis the NOAA forecast. One did depart from Pascagoula, the one in Mobile stayed behind.
I made it out of kindergarten before 70, but Mississippi and Alabama are right next to each other and there was genuine concern about that storm crossing Florida. I am certain these were pretty high, unexpected expenses for those companies at a time when they are all losing money and cutting wages. The President was right to express concern for that area based on the information that was being shared at the time.

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This is not correct, Trump’s information was based on an old forecast that was no longer accurate. In other terms it was wrong. It is absolutely critical that old forecasts not be used.



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While your drawing of Trump is accurate, there are real photos of him that show his response to reality in real life situations.


They don’t but we have a minority of voting age people (remember he lost the popular vote by around 3 million votes) who are phenomenally ignorant and frightened of reality.


Thank heavens the world is so quick to spot a dangerous lunatic and say something about it.


Since I am not active or reserve military this president is not my commander and chief.

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“is said”??? How can we believe this if it wasn’t from facebook?? RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!! no wait…that didn’t work…

I think y’all need to be more nice with Trump, why not evacuate Alabama to humor him? He is after all El Presidente!

Normal adult response to making a mistake: “Oops, I made a mistake. Don’t worry about Alabama. Serious in the other places I mentioned. Carry on.”

Pathological response: Draw a Sharpie around the mistake and double-down.

Normal adult response to the person doubling-down: “Grow up.”

Pathological response: “Don’t listen to anyone else. Follow the commander-in-chief/POTUS/ Dear Leader/Big Brother.”


Guys, give Alabama and our leader a break. He is just following the Crimson Tide run on ammo stores when Russia invaded Georgia.

So why is this in the professional mariner section? Shouldn’t it be in the scuttlebutt?


This reality tv president of our is a disgrace. I know with Obama my taxes were higher, less people had jobs (including minorities), poor people were taxed extra for being too poor to buy overpriced healrh insurance, the stock market & my retirement accounts were a lot lower & we had a lot more troops in the Middle East playing policemen of the world but at least Obama could watch the Weather Channel & predict where hurricanes would go. Trump sux!

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Where in the OP did you read anything about Obama? The thread is about weather predictions. I appreciate your insightful remarks but ask that the thread remain on course.

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Good grief W.T Sherman, read the title of the thread why don’t you? It’s a thread about a presidents ability or lack of ability to predict the path of hurricanes & the politics surrounding that. Comparing one presidents ability to predict storms & their politics against former presidents isn’t any great leap in logic. The article posted by the O.P is Vanity Fair for crying out loud which never publishes anything about weather or the maritime industry.

Do you actually think this thread is about weather predictions?

All Hail trump, the greatest weather forecaster ever

I just read the whole thread again & I’m 100% sure this is & was meant to be a “president Trump is an idiot” thread. People have been posting silly meme’s & comments on how stupid Trump is & you single me out on comment #15 as being off topic because my comment wasn’t weather related enough for you? It’s seems you just have problems with me for some reason which I can only guess. It’s too bad because in the end you’ll get what you want & the thread will be shut down.

You always going after me as being off topic while others way before me do so much worse is just petty on your part.

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