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any body know of any AB Special jobs on the west coast, or how to contact Mike Sweeney,I did a search for him bot nothing came up

http://go2.wordpress.com/?id=725X1342&site=towmasters.wordpress.com&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.maritimeheadhunters.com%2F Mike Sweeney’s Link

Maritime Headhunters.com

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Hopefully Kelley can help:)

Places to apply/check with on the West Coast (not all inclusive- just off the top of my head)

Cruisewest.com (actively hiring)

americancruiselines.com (For the Queen of the West) (actively hiring)

ncl.com actively hiring but not for AB special

Stabbert maritime

US Army Corps of Engineers

coastaltrans.com Seattle to Alaska trampers- hires regularly

AMHS * actively hiring- but you don’t start as AB




MSRC- spill response vessels

Tidewater Barge Line


Shaver Tugs

Olympic Tug and Barge (part of Harley)


American, Premier Pacific, Trident and other seafood companies- may start as OS or …gasp!.. as a processor but you can work up:)

Check the Alaska (southeast mainly) craigslist as well as Seattle craigslist


*Sause Bros

  • Various seasonal cruise and fishing vessels- “Star of Honolulu” “Spirit of Portland”, the Seattle Argosy cruises, the new “Queen of Seattle” Most- currently hiring

  • Lindblad

*American Safari Cruises

*Young Bros/Hawaiian tug and barge

Washington State Ferries

Pierce County Ferry

and others I don’t recall…

Try them all twice:)

Anthony, you have become quite the encyclopedia!


In my case- those who can’t (temporarily) do-teach;)

Also- you can check with Jill (Danzante) about getting into the workboat academy

Your AB special might help…

Sorry I missed that above Jill- slipping…:stuck_out_tongue:

In the San Francisco bay area, if you register with MM&P, then you can apply with the following companies as an AB:

AMNAV Maritime
Bay Delta Maritime
Brusco Towing
Crowley Maritime
Blue and Gold
Oscar Niemath Towing
Seaway Towing
Westar Marine

Hey whats up I just ran across you post I have registerd with Ray Shipway in San Francisco it cost $90 for three months for open dispatch if you get a job with one of the companys the othe guy listed and you go on a closed dispach you a married to that company however I personaly would not work for Westar and I personaly have worked for Seaway and know some one there they dont get a lot of work and what they do get goes to the regualar guys and you would be lucky to get a job with say amnav I know some of the guys there even some on a waiting list. And one more thing if you do talk to ray shipway he is lazy about getting you hooked you w/jobs