OS or Wiper jobs on the West Coast

Does anyone know of any companies on the west coast that hire entry level? I have my z-card and BST. Most of the places I have found are either on the east coast or in the GOM. Seems like every place I apply at wants you to have your TWIC before they’ll even look at your application, been waiting on mine for a while but the status hasn’t changed from “Application Pending”. I’ve been looking into the SIU’s Paul Hall Center too, does anyone know if its possible to complete that program with an AB (Limited)? Seems like its much easier to find a job once you have your AB. Thanks in advance.

Washington State Ferries hires ordinary seamen. Not much opportunity elsewhere as OS unless you want to sail as a cook for a tug company.

Seatime doesn’t count as a cook though does it?

You can always try “Foss” of Crowley, there are a lot of gypo T&Bs working out of the Puget sound area, plus there are some opportunities with Trident seafoods etc… they have floating processors that run to Alaska in the spring and then you work through the season, and return to Seattle in the fall. There are a lot of different things going on outside of the Union Hall.

Cook seatime counts, ask Gregory Cousins.

Yeah, cook/deckhand time counts. There’s lots of officers out there who started as cooks.

I emailed the Seattle IBU office. I receved detailed and prompt replys. Very helpful and professional person in the Seattle IBU.
I have an AB but lack the RFPNW. I asked if it was possible to work on ocean/near coast tugs as an AB without the RFPNW. This was the reply I got:
<font size=“2” face="Microsoft Sans Serif]<span style=“font-size: 10pt]”…Yes, you would need RFPNW and the complete STCW95 Certificate to register and sail as an AB.</span></font>

<font size=“2” face="Microsoft Sans Serif]<span style=“font-size: 10pt]I cannot promise you would get any navigational watches or any deck work as an OS. And there are only 2 OS deck opportunities a season usually, and they only are available between May-July. There are usually at least 6 OS on list awaiting those 2 opportunities. So, there is no work available for anyone from Sep-Mar. I will start recruiting for next sea on in Jan. 09…”</span></font>
Good luck,
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I’m working to get my TWIC and MMD. I live in Maine I just want to know what companies on the East coast are looking for entry-level jobs? I’m interested in starting out as a wiper so I can qualify for a QMED raiting. Is there a demand for entry level positions on the East Coast? What have you found?

I have looked at the Marine Fireman’s Union in California. They have entry-level apprentice programs that run for 180 days IF you have your TWIC , MMD, Passport, BST certificate and medical records ready for then to look at. This was for Wiper, but they also may have OS apprentice positions?


Best cook on the boat is the Captain. First part of Job 101

Yes they have wiper jobs. It’s a pain in the butt to get them. I would also consider trying to get in with a tugboat company as a deckhand. A lot of the time they split the time 50-50 it all depends on what rating they put on your discharge. + and - If they put deckhand/wiper you will get half deck time and half engine time. I lost a lot of time because I was cooking and they didn’t count half of my seatime because my discharge said deckhand/cook. Look into Saus Brothers in Coos Bay, Or. Or you can go to the SiU sell your soul for the six months so you can sit for your QMED or do a 90 hitch and take a class to fulfill the remainder of the requirements.