Leads on West Coast companies hiring AB'S

Looking for any leads for a job on West Coast. Preferably a month on rotation because I have a family. I am willing to be gone longer if I need to. I have years of commercial fishing experience and the last 3 as captain, so I have lots of boat experience. I have my 100 ton near coastal, AB unlimited, radar observer unlimited, etc. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Harley marine has ads for ABs right now…depending on location you may manage a rotation.

Being summer I would think a lot of the companies that work in Alaska may need ABs (brusco, dunlap, boyer, island, etc…) however getting a rotation may be tougher with them.

If you work West Coast you’ll have to join the Union.

There are plenty of companies that aren’t union. Union or not it doesn’t really matter I’ll join a union if I have to.

Thanks for the tip.