West coast work

I am looking for some work on west coast. From Washington to Panama. I was wondering what kind of jobs I can find or any tips on where to start. I hold a 50ton NC and will have my 100ton in a couple weeks. Experience in yacht delivery and sailing. Lots of heavy weather sailing. Currently running whale watching boats off the west coast of Vancouver Island. I Know I don’t know everything so if I could get on as a mate on a larger boat I would be happy. I am taking my 200ton class in july. I would move for full time employment to Mexico and down. I know I posted in the sticky but I wanted to ask a question here. I feel like I am moving nowhere running whale watching boats.

All the tug company’s I know on the West coast want a 500 ton or larger with oceans endorcement. Cruise west is hireing however that’s seasonal but you will get some tonnage out of it. Your just going to have to look around. Often times guys get their tonnage sailing as an AB.

You should contact “Ordinary Seaman” here on GCaptain, and call/email Capt. Kelly Sweeney. Capt Sweeney is running an recruiting agency on the West Coast. (Maritime Headhunters #360 678-3350,<captsweeney@hotmail.com>)

Get an AB!! With an AB you will should always be able to find work. It is by far the best investment you can make to jump start a marine career.

Good Luck,