Ab special / 50 ton captain

Hi everyone

I have a 50 ton masters license with sailing and commercial assistance towing endorsements. I am looking for work…I have also just sent in my application for AB Special MMD.

My career goal is to become a tug boat captain. I am located in Baltimore, but I’m single, no kids, and keep a bag by the door so I can leave at a moments notice.

Anybody have suggestions on where to start?

Thanks in advance, guys.

Capt Corey Mitchell

Talk to moran, mcallister, and vane brothers. They are all local so it will just take a little driving to go see them in person.

Mcallister will fuck you. Who wants to work on 3rd rate rust buckets anyway? Moran is decent they have some old equipment but they do a decent job of maintaining it. Vane doesn’t seem to be hiring despite adds everywhere. Just my 2 cents. There are some smaller mom and pop outfits up the bay in in Baltimore try them as well.

Good luck!

Moran was able to avoid laying anyone off during the recession, mcallister was not…

from the other thread… Seabulk Towing, Tampa,FL looking for a Tug Deckhand,AB preferred https://seacorholdings.tms.hrdepartm…-TampaTampa-FL

just a rumor- but I hear SIU sailors wont ‘throw in’ for seabulk- being it is the worst contract

I would go work for Seabulk in Tampa but last I talked to them they want you to live within an hour of the dock. They work a 1 week on/off rotation.