Alaska Sailor looking for a AB job on the east coast

Hi, I am an AB (unlim,) with lifeboat, RFPNW, BST, I have a tankerman certificate (but not the transfers) and I have a tiny 200 ton mate/100 ton master license, or the starter license as my buddy calls it from Alaska and I am just trying to find/sail somewhere new, preferably on the east coast. I’ve got 7 years in the towing industry and 1 spent working on a ship on the Alaska Marine Highway System. Anything around Philly? Anyone who has any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot

  • Dave

Look into vane brothers towing. The have some petroleum barges

Try Ksea too. They have some smaller boats in Philly.

Moran also has assist tugs in Philly

Wilmington tug too!

Do you have mate of towing to go along with your 200 ton license? Why so you ask about philly specifically? Do you live there? Working in the harbor will pay a lot less than coastal tugs.