Harbor tug requirements

Im looking for information for the qualifications needes to work on companies with harbor tugboats like Mcallister. Is Able Seaman one of them or should I go for 100, 200 ton with towing endorsement? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

OS, OS with BST is better, AB if you really want to wow them. Ab means you’ll unlikely stay in the harbor though. Wheelhouse would be a minimum of a 200 ton license but usually they will want a 500. You’d still need to get a towing endorsement which can be a major pain In the ass. Then you actually have to be able to have the natural skill enough to learn how to run a boat and not crap your pants every other job.

If you are really serious get AB and BST. A passport is extra points but if you just want a harbor job then AB and BST is a must. Dont worry about getting a license right now, you will start as a deckhand and be one for a while. There isnt much upward movement in most harbors.

I figure the deckhand part. Im active duty Coast Guard and I know everything about being a non-rate. But right now I have my gi bill and TA that can helpe economically paying for some of the courses. I will be doing BST here soon and Able Seaman online to get that out of the way. Then I will get the other ones up to 200 tons and towing endorsement for the wow factor I guess. Im looking to srart from the bottom but any motivation they see will count I guess. Thanks for all the info.

I know Mid Atlantic does alot for people transitioning from active service, give them a call for the classes. Lets be honest, unless it was one of the last jobs open, stay away from MAC. Old boats, lower pay and the threat of weekend and holiday layoffs. Reinauer, Moran, even Vane Brothers would be a great place to start.

I look for Mid Atlantic and found nothing. U know the name of the websire? Thanks