AB OSV to 3rd Mate

Can an AB/OSV test straight for 3rd Mate AGT or does he have to have an Unlimited AB to test for 3rd Mate AGT? The CFR just says AB sea time. It does not differentiate between AB/OSV/Limited or unlimited. To me that could go either way. Either way I understand STCW requirements prior to evaluation and testing. I am just unsure about the AB/OSV or Unlimited AB.

Haven’t you learned anything Leeroy? You can be anything on an OSV - The Cook, The OS, The AB, and even get <span style="line-height: 19px;]25% of the sea time for a deck license to be in the engine department, and vice versa. You can even get recency on an unlimited master license. YOU JUST CAN’T BE THE FREAKING CHIEF MATE!! LOL!!</span><DIV><span style="line-height: 19px;]Does that answer the question? I can’t believe I brought that up…again. I’m like a dog with a bone.</span></DIV>

I have seen it on a license application package that the AB/OSV will only satisfy the requirements for licenses less than 1600 ton.

Anchorman- My son had bad COLIC for the first 10 months of his life and even he did not cry as loud as you have these past 3 weeks.

<P>You need 3 years of service to qualify for 3rd mate and AB Unlimited. So, if you have the time for 3rd then you could simply upgrade your AB to Unlimited. It shouldn’t matter.<br><br>Lee, If anchorman keeps this up we are going to have to call a waaaabulance</P>

 I will continue to cry until there is some sense of clarity for the next person coming down the pipe. That's one thing about me - this dog will hunt. This very issue was brought up to the Commandant and the 8th Coast Guard District Commander last Wednesday, and I have been assigned a USCG liaison to help navigate some of the regulatory issues, including the question on vessel service in relation to multi-certificated vessels. I will ride this horse until it is dead,dead,dead.&lt;br&gt;