3rd Mate NC 3000

So there is a full picture I need to paint for a little history. I have held Master 100NC, AB unlimited, Radar Unlimited, ARPA, GMDSS ADV FIre, BRM, VSO, MCP and Flashing lights for about 2 years. These were all credentials that I earned on my own while not attending an academy, not that the academy is a bad thing its just not the route I took. I have been sailing under my AB ticket for the past year or so and decided to upgrade to 1600 Mate NC and 500 Master NC. After a 2 month go around with the “NMC” my evaluater decided that he didn’t like 369 days of my sea time and denied my 500 upgrade and approved my 1600 Mate. He then called me back and said that I should change my application to 3rd mate 3000 nc and then I could just take a cross over next year after my 2nd mate issue. Here is the kicker, only 394 days are over 79grt. and those days were served on a 1598grt OSV. So here is the question, I have a friend that started all of this process with me and was told that he could not test for the 3rd mate when our sea time is identical. Am I being given this without merit or is there something I can do for him to help over come his evaluater objection. Thanks for the input. . Sorry for the long wind.

SO what your saying is that your able to sit for a LIMITED 3rd mates license correct? if so you have to have the minimum 1080-8 hour days in order to sit for your third limited or unlimited. If you do not have half of the required days (540 - 8hour days) over 1600 GRT then you can sit for a third just with a limit on your tonnage. THe most important part in the below cfr is (a) and (b) that is how you would figure out if you have enough time/tonnage to sit for a third and if its a limited that your sitting for, what that tonnage limitation that would be. SO in order to sit for your third mates license ALL 1080 days must be over 200 ton. so if you and your buddy have the same service and atleast 1080 days are on a vessel over 200 tons you should be in the same boat with the USCG

§ 11.402 Tonnage requirements for ocean or near coastal endorsements for vessels of over 1600 gross tons.
(a) To qualify for an ocean or near coastal endorsement for vessels of any gross tons, all the required experience must be obtained on vessels of over 200 gross tons. At least one-half of the required experience must be obtained on vessels of over 1600 gross tons.

(b) If the applicant for an endorsement as master or mate does not have the service on vessels over 1600 gross tons required by paragraph (a) of this section, or is qualifying for third mate under the provisions of § 11.407© of this subpart, a tonnage limitation is placed on the endorsement based on the applicant’s qualifying experience. The endorsement is limited to the maximum tonnage on which at least 25 percent of the required experience was obtained, or 150 percent of the maximum tonnage on which at least 50 percent of the service was obtained, whichever is higher. Limitations are in multiples of 1000 gross tons, using the next higher figure when an intermediate tonnage is calculated. When the calculated limitation equals or exceeds 10,000 gross tons, the applicant is issued an unlimited tonnage endorsement.

© Tonnage limitations imposed under paragraph (b) of this section may be raised or removed in the following manner:

(1) When the applicant has six months of service on vessels of over 1600 gross tons in the highest grade endorsed, all tonnage limitations are removed.

(2) When the applicant has a total of six months of service on vessels of over 1600 gross tons in any capacity as an officer other than the highest grade for which endorsed, all tonnage limitations for the grade in which the service is performed are removed and the next higher grade endorsement is raised to the tonnage of the vessel on which the majority of the service was performed. The total cumulative service before and after issuance of the limited license or MMC endorsement may be considered in removing all tonnage limitations.

(3) When the applicant has 12 months of service as able seaman on vessels over 1600 gross tons while holding a license or endorsement as third mate, all tonnage limitations on the third mate’s license or MMC endorsement are removed.

(d) Individuals holding licenses or endorsements as master or mate of vessels of not more than 1600 gross tons, not more than 500 gross tons, or not more than 25-200 gross tons are prohibited from using the provisions of paragraph © of this section to increase the tonnages of their licenses or endorsements.

Thank you:) FutureNMC. You have confirmed what I had passed along. The issue my buddy is having is that his evaluator is refusing to allow him to test for this endorsement even with the above referenced. What to do:confused:

I have a question on the tonnage for upgrade to 3rd mate AGT. I have a 1600 Ton oceans and working as a captain on a vessel of 417 GRT.
I have over 1080 days on this vessel but no time on vessels over 1600 GRT. I am having a hard time figuring what 3rd mate tonnage I qualify for.
If it is 150% of the highest tonnage on vessels I served on then that would be 1000 GRT? Am I figuring this correctly? Does anyone know what tonnage I would qualify for?
Also, the vessel I am on was a US registered vessel but was moved overseas and is now a Panama registered vessel. Would this affect the qualifying tonnage for the upgrade?