A Great Way to Display the New MMC

When I received the new MMC while upgrading my license, I thought I was going to be laughed out of the Pilot House. So, putting my “Gray Matter” to work, I came up with this little gem I call the “Mariner Plaque”. Of course I made a couple for some friends and then had folks start calling me to make them a plaque as well…necessity is the mother of invention.

Check out www.MarinerPlaques.com!


Nice! Way to take the initiative!

Very nice and well done!
The only bummer is that I still do the occasional relief gig on a passenger vessel. Your plaque and the MMC in the sleeve looks a little too easily accessible for sticky passenger fingers. Any ideas for something a little thinner that could be posted in the locked glass case?

The best for that situation (similar to mine on our smaller vessel with multiple Masters) is equip the vessel with the “Master” plaque and remove your document at the end of your run.

Sounds good, but unfortunately that wouldn’t work on the overnight passenger vessels that I sail on. I’m on for a month or so, and the passengers are on for 7 days. And did I mention that they bring children? Only thing we found that will keep those kids out is that locked glass case. :slight_smile:

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They look nice, but what about us lowly 3rd Mates???

I am going to add 3M’s to inventory next week as I have had several requests.

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