MMC suitable for display, but only in your den

The USCG has just announcedthat they are finalizing development of a Merchant Mariner Certificate that will be suitable for framing, and downloadable from the internet.

Well, that sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here’s the kicker though. The certificate, suitable for display, would NOT be authorized as a substitute for the MMC where the required to post a credential exists. Whaaa?

I’ve already emailed my comments and encourage you to do the same:

Is the Coast Guard still doing this? trying to get my master licenses printed on the old style credentials… Any help is appreciated

The old framed CG license on my home office wall never fails to impress landlubbers. I doubt showing them the little red book would have the same effect.

There used to be a link if you signed in to your MMC account to print something that somewhat resembles the old licenses, but not really.

Photoshop, GIMP, Seashore, Pixlr, Sumo Paint etc…

But to give you a heads up, your crew, visitors & inspectors will give you respect based on your actions & not on how fancy a copy of your license looks behind a piece of locked glass.


:roll_eyes: Yeah, thats a little too much work…

Found it for anyone else who might be looking.

Maybe not just how fancy the license, but there’s no doubt people make judgements based on appearances.

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It actually is the USCG recommended practice to post the printed certificate instead of the original MMC when sailing foreign now.

Can you provide a reference for this statement? I don’t believe that’s accurate.

According to 46 USC 7110:
Each holder of a license issued under this part shall display, within 48 hours after employment on a vessel for which that license is required, the license in a conspicuous place on the vessel.

The word that it didn’t need to be done was unofficial maybe, not sure, but I do recall getting that info.

At any rate I don’t post them in a public space aboard ship, I keep them in my office if I think someone is going to ask for them. If I don’t expect them to be asked for (depends on what ports we are calling) I just keep copies.

I’ve had the CG ask to see them at a COI, I just took them out of the draw they were in and handed them to them, they didn’t say anything.

EDIT: Looks like the link is dead but here’s the post.

You don’t need to quote the USC to me, I’m well aware of the rules. That doesn’t change the fact that the USCG has issued guidance saying to NOT post original credentials when visiting foreign ports.

Did you have to login in to their website in order to view the certificate?

Nope, just ref # and last name. FYI-- this ONLY works on internet explorer… (Thank you USCG…)