A few more EMD questions

I know a couple of you guys have told me about doing the class in Chicago, wondering if anyone has done the MSI / Kirby program in NC ?
Im on a 710 boat, but ive kinda fallen into some EMD side work on my time off and now am planning on attending either class here pretty quickly.
Can anyone tell me where the best place are to pick up some tools, IE- rack jack, injector test tool, go-no go gauges, rack pointer, Been looking online and have only seen a couple places. The boat im going to maintain doesnt have any, and buying my own doesnt seem like a bad idea. Thanks.

Years ago, My Company started sending us through the class in NC. It was in Rocky Mount if I remember correctly. Back in the 80’s I when to EMD in LaGrange, Illinois and I would say both classes were about the same and taught the same stuff. The best thing (for you) is that they give you a set of EMD Manuals. I asked for a different set to match the engines that I was working with at the time and they gave me an extra set.

If you do the Rocky Mount class you will need a rental car as the hotel is a little bit of a ride.

As for the tools, I seem to remember seeing them listed in a catalog from EMD so maybe you could order them from there.

Here is what I found, I hope it helps. http://www.tescotools.com/EMD

Good Luck and Have Fun.

I went to the school in LaGrange, back in 95 or 96. It was a week long class and well worth it.

If you need 710 tools try MSI or Stewart Stevenson for the tools, the Stewart Stevenson dealer in New Orleans used to be real good about getting you things like that, but you had to call and ask for it. They didn’t list them for sale any where, so you had to tell them you were with the evil empire or something and the port engineer is a prick and won’t send you the stuff you need to keep the boat running. They would send it to you.

Are you looking for 645 tools, I have some 645 stuff at home collecting dust, I know I have a timing pin, rack tool and a manual for 645’s. I am about 90% of the way across the Atlantic, but should be flying home the end of the week, I can look and see what I have when I get back. I will cut you a deal like the books I sent you.

The Lagrange class will give you every conceivable manual, troubleshooting book, and maintenance bulletin on PDF copied to your thumb drive if you ask nicely and they can also get any hardcopy manual that you may need.

The holiday inn nearby will give you a discounted rate and free shuttle pickup to and from class as well as the airports and local areas. You won’t have to pay for a rental unless you want to.

I was going to also recommend tesco for the tools.

Im going to see about getting into MSI’s class in a few weeks. Had a class @ emd in chicago all set up when I was @ Reinauer and my relief decided to boat hop and not let me know, after working on it for 4 months to go. Picked up some side work on a couple canal tugs, nice people, and so much nicer than traveling to the gulf every 2 weeks. Anyone of you guys seen a “Marquette” governor ? Looked like a woodward PGA, but about 1/2 the size. Similar but not quite, on a 16-567C Emd. Didnt know if there is something special about them ? Thanks again.

The 567-C’s are nothing special, if you can work on a 645 you will have no problem. One thing to look at is the Injector Linkage. The Older 567’s had a linkage on the Injectors that could cause the rack to stick open. The “Newer” Version has a spring in it, so if one Injector sticks it will not hold the rack open. I have not seen any of these in a very long time but there might be some of these still around on older boats.

The last guy we sent through EMD course was held in Houston and was associated with Stewart & Stevenson www.stewartandstevenson.com

Yeah, sounds like the earlier 53,71, series they later came out with a spring loaded control tube like on there turbo versions. least if you had one sticky injector ,It wouldn’t hold the whole rack out.One of the tugs i worked on had 567s with 645 packs, they had the updated rack control.The block had been cracked and welded before i was on the boat, When MSI rebuilt them , They only turned governor up to 850 max, They said anymore then that ,the blocks wouldn’t take it for very long. They where rooted also , nice and quiet,. Never had a problem with them, I miss them. …