A Blinded America!

One has to think in such a crippled society where we actually belong.
Who are we really and what are we really suppose to be doing in our everyday lives.

Everytime I turn around there is something new and disfunctional about our world. We breed fear and confusion to many through media and for what reason, it’s hurting us more than it’s helping us.

Can’t there just be one day dedicated to the good things going on in the world. Or will this be rejected and corporate companies lose money because of it.

I mean is society so addicted to violence and kaos that we simply can’t
stop and look around at the positive things trying to influence us on a daily basis.

It saddens me our society blindly see’s the world from one perspective, the media. It’s tainting and frustrating at the same time. Where is our hope if people continue to ignore it.

why does an act of violence and terrorism the only thing that brings us together. “To the people for the people” is a crock of shit if you ask me and if that’s the case I don’t want to be apart of it…

Why can’t we pull together like this in times of harmony and peace. I am
just baffled that America has turned itself in to a publication for the media market only to cover depressing acts of violence going on in our world around us.

For once I would like to turn on my TV, open my newspaper and read about something positive our world is trying to do for once. I just can’t help but speak my mind from time to time.

I believe this is important but I know even this will go ignored by many because it’s simply not coming from the media per say.

I have found out through my years that to make an impact on people you have to be within the eyes of the media. Catch the media, only then will you catch an audience who will watch and listen.

I love our country and the colors of our flag truly mean something to me. I simply hate to see America be a mockery of what tomorrows relentless media will bring.

Learn it, Live it & Conquer it!

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