What does North Korea want now?

If you haven’t seen the cheezy video from North Korea it shows the US in flames with rockets speeding towards us. Also on a side note Some of the footage seems to come from Modern Warfare 3 _(a game) oh and set to “We are the world” WTF??? North Korea = EPIc FAIL…

I would post it but could not figure it out. They must need food again.

I’m scared hold me …

What a 3rd world commie fantasy that was.

To answer the threads title. They are saying “Look at me. I have high tech toys. Respect me and be nice to me or I might hurt you.”

Never mind that NK would get one shot before that country would be turned to glass. Same goes for Iran.

My cousin just finished up his 3rd tour in afghanistan, army special forces. He quietly stated that the U.S forces have been training to roll across the border for the last 5 years. Fighting them over there isnt what scares me, its when every one of “them”, and we all know what im getting at, decides to jihad over here, i remember when they where having block parties over in jersey after the towers came down that night. That was the first time in US history, correct me if im wrong, our government suspended the sale of firearms, for thier safety. I watched hurricane irene, and sandy devastate the northeast, no power, no food, no water, my area was basically lawless for 10 days, and this was for a storm, not a dirty bomb, or major terrorist attack. I know my family will be fine, others, eh maybe not.