North Korea

Was talking with someone about this the other day, with the North Korea situation heating up, what effect do you guys think it will have on the shipping industry if we do wind up in a full scale war?

Make the whole Sea of Japan/Yellow Sea a nuclear wasteland that no ship could enter. Supply of electronics will dry up, so no need for ships to move them. Navy supply ships would be busy, except for those caught in the blast radius.

“They” are looking for a war ‘somewhere’ to boost segments of the economy. Korea is risky unless they can neuter the atomic stuff first, Iran is pretty big, Venezuela not enough return on investment, gee, what’s left?
Russia/China/USA to a large extent will play this game now-using proxy states for $ & political game. I think i see some market action moving electronics to South America?

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The danger of outright war, if not nuclear war, is more on the action from the leadership in Washington than from Pyongyang, at least for now.

The North Korean leadership KNOW they will die if they go too far, while that is not a worry for the leaders on the other side. Their personal safety are not threatened.

The NK’s nuclear capability is limited, if they are at all able to fit a nuclear warhead on their rockets yet, while the other side has enough nuclear weapons to kill us all and have proven their capability.
Both sides have enough conventional fire power to flatten both Koreas and part of Japan. Guam is also within reach.

How much the lives of millions of Koreans (North and South) and a few thousand others, count in the deliberations is left to be seen, but let us hope that “the adults” in the WH can keep this in check.

The OP asked about what affect a war with North Korea will have on the shipping industry. (By that I assume he means the American shipping industry??)
The answer is probably none. By the time the ships in the reserve fleet gets ready to sail the war will be over, with no winner, only losers.

If anybody is stupid enough to use nuclear weapons, it will be over for all of us, as China and possibly Russia will get involved, with enough nukes to kill us all one more time.