Mariner Outreach System

Is anyone familiar with this? I was wondering if it, or some form of it, was used during the build up in 2002/2003 and beyond. I wasn’t in the industry at the time, or really even cognizant enough to know what was going on with MSC, or any other type of merchant shipping.

To borrow from another post that appropriately sums up the Merchant Marine for me:

[QUOTE=Too bad steam is gone;104317]“BREAK GLASS IN TIME OF WAR”[/QUOTE]
What does all this say about the Korean issue? I always say we kept the food on Britain’s tables in World War II, and if called upon I’d be ready to do it all over again. I admit that I have never been a member of the military and have never been in an active war zone so perhaps it is just my inexperience that gives me confidence, but then who has been in a war zone the first time they answer the call?

Even if we don’t get involved in Korea militarily this time, more than likely we will continue to send aid in increasing amounts (not unlike the F-22’s that were in the news today) but I’m wondering if MARAD and MSC will start reaching out into the rest of the industry for help if people actually start shooting at each other over there.