More fences to protect Liberty!

Well, if you have SAT TV you have had to endure endless talk about the nut job that jumped the fence at the Big House…I mean White House.

I think we should be applauding the Secret Service for their use of restraint in not blowing the Army Vet away.
If you watch the footage you can see he is at gun point several times before he entered the “unlocked” door of the White House.

Of course it is “unlocked” that is another symbol of our freedom.

There was a White House cop on the porch that had him at gun point and did not pull the trigger because he posed no immediate threat.
If he would have blown that dude away on national tv they would have fired him and then turned it into a scandal.
Plus the fella was black so that would have been even more cannon fodder.

So he made it down the hall a little ways before someone rifle butted him in the face out of view of the cameras.
Big deal.
If he would have presented any kind of a threat they would have blasted him on the front lawn in front of the cameras.

Why didn’t they blast the dumbass with the “spongebob” hat on? They had him at gun point with UZI’s and AR’s.
Blood on the White House lawn is bad ju ju.

Now after Canada suffers an isolated attack they are comparing their “terrorist attack” to 9/11.
I don’t think so. Not even close.

But they are talking about putting up more fences and now the US is debating putting up fences around the Capital Building.
Why don’t we build sandbag bunkers around the White House while we are at it?

Washington DC and the buildings in it serve as a symbol of our freedom.
It is ok to have spec ops police armed to the teeth out of plain view to protect our freedoms but what message does it send to our citizens and to the rest of the world when we put up huge fences like the Berlin Wall to protect our “freedom”?


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I think he is spot on. You have every right to move on and read what you please. Your freedom just as it is mine to read it.

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