50 ton captain looking for work

i have u.s.c.g.l ,for more info please call me at 305 320 5821 or email me at makojc@aol.com im 29 years old, im working on, and off ,as mate deckhand , im looking for full time job as captain or mate/deckhand., in florida

Welcome Irish, but your gonna need a lot more than Irish luck to get a call these days…check out the jobs lead thread here on the forum, good luck…

I don’t wish to discourage you but. . .shellback is spot on. You are going to need more than luck in this economy to find a job. Take anything you can (deckhand, oiler, whatever) and upgrade your license. Work hard and shoot for a promotion. There are not many 50 ton work boats. Do you have an AB ticket? An AB is probably more marketable than a 50 ton. Right now, Unlimited Masters are taking the 500 ton positions and 500 ton Masters are taking the 100 ton positions–if they can find work at all. The Gulf is a ghost town; the small cruise ships are all tying up for the winter and hoping they will be in operation next year. From what I hear, tugboats may be the most stable industry right now, but they are hurting as well. The jobs that most people don’t automatically think off may be your best bet: oil response, small commercial dive boats, wind farm service boats, etc.) Work towards your DP and towing endorsement to make yourself marketable for a future industry.
Again, I don’t want to discourage you–but this is the reality as I see it. Good luck.

I got to learn something today…I had never heard of these before…



For example, me: 50 ton NC AB Special

I took a job as an unlicensed deck hand on a 100 ton utility boat. When the company saw I worked instead of sitting on my ass smoking, talking on my cell phone, or drinking coffee in the galley, they moved me to another boat as AB. In a couple hitches I have my AB UNL, 100 ton/200ton mate. But more important Ill have a year recent GOM experince.
In a couple more hitches Ill qualify for 1600 ton mate NC.

Do your home work here. Read back two years of posts and then GO to the GOM late Feb. and expect to spend 3-4 weeks looking. I did and Ive been working since late February. I got lucky :slight_smile:

Good advice. The internet is of little use when applying for a job right now. Use it to search the internet for jobs, but nothing says “hire me” like showing up at the rite time. Recruiters have boxes full of applications and resumes and can’t be bothered to wade through the thousands of apps. If you are there when they need someone with your qualifications you will go to work that day. Press the flesh and sell yourself. This is no time to be humble. Gone are the days of 5 offers in five days by posting your resume on the internet. I haven’t heard of anyone getting a job recently without meeting the recruiter first in person. Good luck.