Im in morgan city la. Looking for apprincemate jobs on tugboat

I hold a 100ton master 200 ton apprincemate steersman all nearcoast unlimited radar unlimited a/b tankerman pic barge Steve-95 lifeboatman twic and a passport I have all the sea time I need for a 200ton mate nearcoast ready to go to work cell number 503 867-2003 thanks have a goodday

Have you talked to Steve Marcrum over at Candy Fleet?

There is no such job.

Well, as a deckhand or tankerman there may be. But without a completed and submitted TOAR you ain’t going in the wheelhouse on a towing vessel. You may get a 100 ton job. Knock on doors all along the waterfront. No one is going to call you off this forum to hire you. You have to 'go get it,… Now, GO GET IT! There’s about a dozen companies between MC and Houma. Maybe more.

Ya there are you work on deck and get the toar signed off jackass you Peaple suck I’m a master of tow.befor I was a master I was god

Like Cappy said, no one is going to call you for a job from this forum!! But you could also try all the company websites. They all got applications and/or email addresses. You will probably have to go on deck then into a training program. My experience is that no one hires apprentice mates. That’s a position earn not given!

Yea you’ll have to go on deck first to show the company your worth puttin in the wheelhouse, with all these academy guys flooding the market coming out with 3rd mate unlimited licenses , there getting all the slots, manning requirements are changing soon so more people in the wheelhouse which might make it quicker for guys like u to move up but like I said academy guys are getting all the training spots, us hawspipers are getting fewer n fewer , so go door knocking work hard on the deck n climb the ladder that. Way , good luck