Finding work as a 100T Master 200T Mate

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to find some guidance into finding employment with my license, I’ve seen similar threads covering the same subject, but I have a couple other questions. Currently I hold an AB Special and just got my 100T Master 200T Mate NC Ticket. I’m working using my 100T right now on a seasonal excursion boat out of Sandusky OH on Lake Erie, but come September I’ll be looking for work again.

I’m 20 years old, and am a little bit worried about being taken seriously by my peers and company HR people when it comes time to find work in the fall. I’ve got the seatime for a 500/1600 mates license but there is absolutely no way I can afford to take the courses required right now. I got my 200 ton ticket from working on liftboats in the Gulf and I just couldn’t stomach spending most of my time swaying in the air with no flight attendants in sight.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some companies that would run boats that would allow me to utilize my mates ticket?


Try the Crew Boat and Utility Boat Companies in the GOM. There are a few companies down here that hire seasonal Captains.