3rd mate or OCINW?

I think I remember reading on these forums that if you don’t have all the new class requirements you can test for 3rd mate and then get the last few classes and I guess upgrade it to read (oicnw)

Is that correct?

They are separate endorsements. You can get 3rd Mate w/o OICNW. But, you will have to re-apply ( fees, etc.) for OICNW. Also, you may not be particularly employable as a 3rd Mate w/o OICNW.

there is no fee to add STCW

OK, since not pickers are gonna pick nits, no fee. Just etc. “Etc” is drug test, physical, … etc. Unless you want a full 5 years in your new MMC, then… fees.

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Cavo has this shit down.more than all of us put together.