Request to test wording

If you do not have all the stcw classes but would like to test for 3rd mate on the application you would put

Request to test for 3rd mate unlimited inland

Then when you got the classes done you could remove the inland and make it NC



  1. There is no such thing as Third Mate Inland and Mate Great Lakes and Inland Unlimited is a different exam and you’d have to retest to increase scope.

  2. You would apply for either Near Coastal or Oceans, whichever you want to test for. You can’t really use the license without STCW but you can still hold the license.

No. The classes are for STCW.

Do you have the sea time for Third Mate near coastal or oceans? If so you can apply and test for that. You don’t need STCW for the national endorsement (license). You will be very limited in where you can use it, but you can get it without STCW. You can then add STCW after taking the classes AND doing all of the assessments.

If you went for an inland license now, you would still need to take the full, original exam for Third Mate (near coastal ort oceans). So if you have the sea time for near coastal or oceans now, there is no advantage to going for inland.


Thank you i just got the time a few weeks ago and have about half of the stcw classes done.

If you apply for STCW and send (copies) of your courses so far they will tell you what others you need. That way you can check that you’re on the right track. Once you get that “awaiting information” letter telling what you still need for STCW, contact them and tell them you want to withdraw the application for STCW and just test for 3rd Mate. If you apply for STCW and don’t withdraw, they will sit on the application waiting for you to send in the rest of the courses and assessments.

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Unless you’ll be fine your classes before the awaiting information deadline passes. IIRC the waiting period is 90 days so if you applied today that deadline would be roughly 5 months away with how slow applications are making their way through the NMC.