AB Unlimitted to Thirdmate Deep Sea

Need some knowledge, all help are much appreiated🤙🏽

I am sailing as AB on APL and Matson container ships, some MARAD grey hull ships, I have AB unlimitted. I do have OIC-NW and sailing as 3rdmate before( foreign flags, last ship was 2016) moved here in the states (CALI), have to start from the bottom, and now have my AB unlimitted.

What is the best way to get/have a OIC-NW or Thirdmate liscense? Please show me the way, :sweat_smile:.

Thank you all🤣

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Do you have US citizenship?

Yes Sir, I do have my US Citizenship.

In order to get OICNW for Third Mate.
. 1080 days sea time
. Advanced Ff
. Arpa Radar Cert
. medical Care
. Celestial Training Cert or sign off by officer onboard
. Terrestrial Training Cert or sign off
. Proficiency in Survival Craft.
I think if you have those trainings Coast guard will allow you to take the 7 modules test that’s what I did before.

This is just wrong. You’re intermixing STCW and the national endorsement and leaving aloof things out and including stuff that isn’t required. They are separate and you dont need STCW to get the national endorsement.

Third Mate requirements are here. STCW OICNW are here.

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Ok, because this is first question they ask. Uscg does not issue officer’s licenses to none US citizens. Other than that I believe jdcavo explained everything else just right.

I do have the seatime, USCG credited me with 1400+ dayss from my foreign flags sea time and I have been sailing with SUP for some time now, with AB unlimitted endoresment, and a US Citizen.

Do I need to take the trainings first before I can take the test right? And one more thing,for review, is lapware good? Thank you.

and so many more classes on top of these.

The test is for the license, most of the “trainings” cited above are for STCW. You do have to take the courses noted on the link I gave for the 3rd Mate checklist before you will be approved to take the test. As I noted, you can get the national endorsement (license) for 3rd Mate without getting STCW OICNW. But you do need to take the courses required for 3rd Mate.

Understood, thank you for all the infos.
Gathering all my docs for to ticked the requirements checklist. Thanks again!

Your best bet now, Ian, is to talk to MMP and see if they will send you to MITAGS on their upgrade program.

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This is nice to know. You are trying to say that I need to join MMP as AB and asked them if they can send me MITAGS? thank you.


Yes Sir!