3m to 2m upgrade

Does anyone know what the story is for upgrading from 3m oceans to 2m (original 3m 1997)? I was preparing to take one of the license prep classes, and read CG-543 policy letter No. 11-07 which says: “mariners who hold an STCW endorsement corresponding to an officers endorsement as Third Mate Oceans issued before February 1, 2002, must complete the following to qualify for an STCW endorsement corresponding to an officer endorsement as Second Mate oceans”:

Assessments OICNW-1-1C and OICNW-1-1F.

Pass the Navigation Problems: near coastal and navigation problems oceans examination modules.

So is that it beyond the application requirements, or am I missing something??

I am a 2001 grad and was in the same boat you are in. I had to take 8 modules because I also got the 1600 ton master. also don’t forget flashing light for any unlimited upgrade. As far as assesments…not sure what that means but I didn’t have to take any classes. Just got stuck with a shit ton of tests… If you have questions I would just talk to an evaluator. see what they say

I don’t think you will need to complete the Policy Letter 11-07 assessments. " This guidance applies only to applicants who are qualifying for OICNW through what is referred to as the “hawspipe”…" Try the nmc website (http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/checklists.asp). They have they exact checklist that your REC will use to make sure you have submitted all the needed information.