3D Printed Assault Rifle Fires 6 Shots Before Breaking Video

Is anyone else absolutely amazed/confused by this 3D printing?


Test firing a printed (ABS-like Objet photopolymer) AR receiver in 5.7x28FN. Lower max PSI than .223, but broke the buffer tube ring within six rounds. We do not recommend printing a lower receiver for a rifle setup until the file can be further reinforced.

Full Review at http://defdist.tumblr.com/post/37023487585/printed-reinforced-ar-lower-review

CONFUSED!!! What sort of witchery is this?

Watch out; that’s how they’ll make ships spare parts next. “I printed out some gaskets and a cylinder liner for ya; kwitcher bitchin!”

This must be one bad ass printer!

Going from an HK to an HP ??

Prototype of the replicator just like in Star Trek. Hell yeah!

There is an article (cover story) in Wired Magazine (2-3 months ago) about this printer. Freaky!


Yes confused, is it for real ? Look like the head with the light is going over a finished item" I-Phone cover" unless I missed something. Cool if its for real.

The video I watched was a I-phone cover being made.

They’re real. I saw a demo of one replicating a fancy perfume bottle with complex curves and such. The replica was to be used as a template for a yet to be build injection mold.

Not hard to understand how a laser or plasma cutter can recreate almost anything from a block of stock material. Just cut along the X, Y, Z axis. What has me scratching my head is how interior cavities can be hollowed out without damaging the exterior. I can only assume partial subassemblies would need to be create and joined after fabrication. Either that or start with die cast stock - but that would defeat the whole point of this technology.

Ah, what do I care? I’m going deck so I’ll just leave it to the engineers to figure out.

I stand by my earlier statement it’s WITCHCRAFT!!!

[QUOTE=Jeffery_P_Oliver;90389]Prototype of the replicator just like in Star Trek. Hell yeah![/QUOTE]

If I was smart, I’d watch all the eposides of the original Star Trek and start inventing all the stuff that was shown.

I’m already too late on a few:

Handheld communicators - check;
Replicators - check
Voice recognition computers - check
Non-invasive medical scanners - check
Universal translators - check
Laser & photon weapons - under development
Inter-dimentional travel via worm holes & rifts - plausable

Guess that leaves warp drive & transporters to figure out.

Oh yeah, then there’s the essential “Turbo Encabulator”:

They are getting pretty common these days. My brother built one on his time off this year. They don’t cut anything they print using plastic instead of ink. Think like a plasma cutter or cnc routing only opposite. You draw it in cad and the computer tells the device where to put material instead of cutting it out. The plastic is extruded in a hot liquid form and cools quikly. When it finishes a pass the print head moves up a little and makes another pass applying plastic until you have an object.

A guy I used to know works for a company that does it. They prototype new inventions and fabricate complex parts. They have, I hear, a metallic polymer that bonds/burns off in a kiln leaving a metal object.

Can you imagine having that onboard? With a set of specs you could print and fire a new bendix arm for a starter for instance instead if ordering one, waiting a week for the wrong part or having to replace the whole thing. Grainger would protest!

Saw a headline where the guys printer was confiscated. Guess making weapons without a license?