3/M, 2/M Oceans Unlimited Tonnage Course Requirements

What courses are currently required to test for 3/M, Oceans, Unlimited Tonnage? I’m curious how many classes and which ones were added since I got my license in 2014 beside ECDIS and leadership.

Tried navigating NMCs site, downloaded the post 2014 Deck & Engineering guide but still couldn’t find my answers and using a cel phone on a ship. I give up, please help.

Have you tried looking in the CFR?

46 CFR 11.309 (a) (4)

(4) Provide evidence of having satisfactorily completed approved training in the following subject areas:

(i) Medical first-aid provider.

(ii) Radar observer.

(iii) Search and rescue.

(iv) Basic and advanced firefighting in accordance with §11.303 of this subpart.

(v) Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats (PSC) or proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than lifeboats and fast rescue boats (PSC-limited).

(vi) Visual signaling.

(vii) Bridge resource management (BRM).

(viii) Terrestrial and celestial navigation, and electronic navigation systems.

(ix) Watchkeeping, including International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) and IMO standard marine communication phrases (SMCP).

(x) Cargo handling and stowage.

(xi) Ship handling.

(xii) Stability and ship construction.

(xiii) Meteorology.

(xiv) ARPA, if serving on a vessel with this equipment.

(xv) GMDSS, if serving on a vessel with this equipment.

(xvi) ECDIS, if serving on a vessel with this equipment.


The national endorsement (license) is separate from STCW, you can get the license without STCW. For the license alone, you would need First Aid & CPR, Advanced Firefighting, and Radar Observer. If you aren’t already an AB (you should be, to qualify for 3rd Mate) you would need to qualify for that and would also need Proficiency in Survival Craft/Lifeboatman and Marlinspike Seamanship.

If you want STCW OICNW also, then see 46 CFR 11.309.

Mr. Cavo, thank you for your detailed response. I already have my license, thank goodness. My AB watch partner is just getting started taking his mate classes and I told him unfortunetley he’d have several more classes to take then I did. I was just curious how many and what they were. Now I know it’s 5 more classes. That makes being a Hawespiper (or academy student) alot tougher.

No. I have no clue how to do that.

Now I’m sure alot of of you are ready to pounce on your keyboards to flame me for that outrageous statement. I know there is a group of you that thinks it’s a licensed officers responsibility to know how to navigate the CFR’s.

While I respect and admire the professionalism exhibited by those of you that can get answers in the CFR’s I can say with a high degree of certainty that you are a very small group in relation to the entire licensed officer community. In my 8 years as a civilian mariner I’ve worked on aprox. 20 different ships and boats with very skilled and professional mariners in the GOM and deep sea. Maybe a couple of those knew anything about the CFRs. That doesn’t make it right but never the less that’s a fact, so I can look in the mirror knowing I can’t find anything in the CFR’s.

What I can do is drive this 65,000 GT ship from Shanghai to Busan at a fixed 22 knots through very heavy fishing boat traffic. But no Sir I cant read the CFRs.

Glad you can though, seriously thanks for providing me the CFR with my answer.

If only there were a way to search the internet for such things. How wonderful it would be if you could just type in “CFR” and “OICNW” and find your answer…


Well that’s what get in return for politely thanking you. Nice.

Look, first getting to my answer wasn’t a high priority, just a curiosity so I wasn’t interested in devoting too much time to getting the answer. Second I did use the internet except I went to NMCs site instead of Google. I downloaded the Deck and Engineering guide. I did not Google the words CFR, OICNW into Google. I doubt those two keywords would have delivered the answer to my cel phone.

This forum is such a pleasant reprieve from day 85 at sea. Such tolerant and nice people here. See Cavo I too, do sarcasm.

I don’t think anyone really cares about your 85th day at sea you burly salty sailor.


But I know how to do simple research and use the CFR…


Look Cavo you’re a big asset to the forum. You provide alot of valuable information, great. But in the end I drive a ship for a living, I do dangerous shit all the time. You drive a f’in desk, you’re an office worker and so when I ask for some assistance on the admin side and I get made fun of for my lack of proficiency, well somethings just wrong there. I wouldn’t like it if another mariner gives me a hard time for not knowing how to get an answer from the CFR but I think its pretty disrespectful when the most dangerous part of your day is driving to work and you are poking fun of me. I think its laughable.


I just can’t figure out why experienced mariners don’t work to work for the Coast Guard. Anyone? Anyone?

I’ll concede up front it’s been a long time since I sailed (but I didn’t “drive” ships, and that was also the easier part of my job),. Things have obviously changed. When I was sailing, if I tried to get someone else to do something I was asked to do, and then whined that I don’t know how and gave shit to the guy who helped, I’d have gotten a size 11 up my ass and would be humping my hockey bag down the gangway in the next port.

I answered yer feckin’ question on the license requirements, and gave you a link to find the rest. The comment that someone of your position and skills could have done it themselves was an added bonus.

You’re welcome.


This is really funny. You are a 1600 mate near coastal that’s been on this forum less than a year and you’ve takin upon yourself to speak for the rest of the forum. Know your place.

So with all your credentials and 11 months on the forum, you give your opinion because your convinced people want to hear it but are sure nobody wants to hear from me, someone that’s been on this forum since 2008.

Btw 1. Have you ever done more than 28 at days at sea or should I say off shore. How about 120? How about 9 fucking months? I have.

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And I thanked you. It was the bonus I took issue with.

As far as driving the ship being the least dangerous part of the job, well we’ll just have a difference of opinion there. When its 0300 and I’m driving or if you prefer conning a container ship at 22 knots east from Shanghai through multiple north south shipping lanes combined with unbelievable never ending concentrations of north, south bound fishing vessels that you cant communicate with unless you speak Chinese. Well to me that’s the most dangerous part of my job and where I earn most of my paycheck. But…I get it, its not so dangerous to you.

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