3/M, 2/M Oceans Unlimited Tonnage Course Requirements

Public apology to JD Cavo for the office worker comments. He posted his shipping credentials in a different thread, very impressive.

To Jody, you messed with me first and deserved what you got BUT not the part about your name. When I was a kid I learned to never make fun of somebody for something they can’t help and you were given that name and I shouldn’t have gone there. I fixed it via an edit.

But…a guy should be able to come on a forum for a quick answer without a lecture or being poked fun of which is what happened to me in this thread. Over the years I’ve provided a ton of answers to peoples questions (along with other stuff like commentary, opinion, etc). Then I ask a simple question and instead of just a simple answer I get ridiculed and made fun of.

This forum has grown increasingly hostile over the past few years and it really disappoints me and pisses me off. I’m confident many good contributors have left because of it. The wardroom on my first Navy ship could get pretty viscous. You quickly learned to verbally defend yourself strongly or just get beaten up worse. This forum has kinda become like that and it’s too bad. I hate being an asshole on here (which is a relatively new phenomenon for me) I’m a nice guy. But when forced to be an asshole I can be a big one. It’s not fun to read an ugly battle on here (and if you enjoy that well…) Anyway, guys (and gals) can we try and just minimize the zingers, especially if the OP is not starting out to be an ass and is just asking a fair question AND especially if they’ve been around awhile and has contributed in a positive way. I hope I never have to be an asshole on here again.


I guess if the desk guy doesn’t know either, the best shot he can think of is to make someone else look like a fool. It may make him feel good, but we know he is the real fool. I stayed off this site because it had gotten so nasty. Sites are like ships, if you have a professional captain with a good attitude the crew will follow. Can the captain of this site make changes that will build the site?


Thanks for cooling things down.

Jdcavo, Thanks too for your input over the years. I always take your insight and answers as goldplated and look forward to more of the same

Both of ya . keep on posting please.

God Bless, Take Care… Extra Crispy

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You are way off base on this one. Mr. Cavo has helped many here with the knowledge he has shared on this forum.


I have been wrong before. Sometimes I react prematurely. I never like it when someone gets a glib answer. These are stressful times and questions are asked for many reasons. Each question should be answered as correctly and helpfully as possible.

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Why add it in this thread? Go post somewhere else


I think what Snus is tryin to say is your info would be welcomed but your probably better off starting your own thread😉

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Good point on the starting a new thread, but it’s actually relevant to the question. I’ve never taught at the campus, but did visit it and it’s a fine campus that might work well for the person in question.

Just mind the alligator signs. They are there for a reason.

When I’ve gone in for training, I knew exactly what schools did what in my area.
These schools have been posting shamelessly- as he added himself- all over the forum, whether it be a relevant post or not. I’ll go and find them, not the other way around, that’s all.

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