2nd Mate looking

Whats up guys. I am a 2nd Mate Unlimited who is currently looking for work. The company I was with went south last year, and I got a shoreside job here in Hawaii, but the pay is low, the work sucks, and I miss being on the water. Anyone got any recommendations? I have been applying with companies like Kirby, Chouest, Gulfmark Offshore, L & M Botruc, etc. with no luck. Unfortunately I live in Hawaii, and am looking to rectify that asap (its a little bit harder now that I got two small kids and a wife). Anyone got any suggestions? It is much appreciated.


MMP. IBU–(HTB/YB, Sause). Smith. AMO. UH-- <http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/UMC/KiloMoana.htm>

I know whats here in Hawaii, but I don’t wanna live here anymore is the thing.