Laid Off, looking for work

Well its happened. I am getting laid off in about a week and have to get back to trying and find a job again. Dam I just hate looking for work. But the managing company for where I am at and the owners want to go separate ways after the accident in Mexico. It wasnt my fault I swear how was I to know the button saying fold up the legs would really do it? Joking I was brought in after the accident when the jack up rig went over to help and get it back to the states for repairs. suppose to be able to work into a permanent thing after shipyard but they have decided to split ways and kicked to the curb. LoL So when I get home more classes but wondering what I should do next. Instead of posting a new thread asking about employment I thought I might try the one labeled maritime employment lol
So here is what I got the AB unlimited, 100 ton master, 200 ton mate. I am working on classes for the upgrade to 1600 ton mate But like my grandpa always says cant sell the milk until you get it from the cow. So its the plan but doesn’t help at all now. So like alot of us I thought I would ask my fellow mariners I know there are alot of us out there working that have a line on things.I had it all taken care of my port engineer captain put in a good word for me with the global guys then they had that electrical accident and now i have to ask “So any hot leads?” seems to be the phrase asked alot on here and I am doing the same darnit?
Hearts of hearts I would like to get into a mate or 3rd captain spot on the smaller boats I wouldn’t care if treated like shit and yelled at but need to get the experience somehow
Or any AB jobs as an unlimited. I made bosun in first month on this last job. Not sure if that really says good or bad about me lol
I can give really good references,I want to work, I like to work, and I love my wife but its better in small dosages. lol She seems to like me more that way