Down and out; new license, need job!


When hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast, I was unsure how much she was to affect me until now. As I was unable to obtain seatime from many of my past employers or even friends, I now hold my shiny new MMC with a mere 25t Inland Master and assistance towing endorsements.

I’ll attempt to keep this brief but here is the scoop: I’m 27 and run my own marine service business but of course business is garbage. Also a commercial shrimper but this year cost me a fortune just to play on the water. I have finally achieved my status as captain and am looking for employment as such. There in lies the problem as no one wants this “fledgling” mariner. Any ideas as to where I can go? I’ve sent out so many resumes I can’t even remember who they were sent to and I just want to get out on the water versus going back to the shipyards. I’m ready to travel anywhere but the best offer I’ve had was a bilgerat in CA, on an ‘on call’ basis. Not quite worth the commute . . .

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been on the water since I was five months old, currently own four vessels, and have quite an extensive resume of ship related items.

While I’m at it, anyone know what happened to B&J Martin out of Cutoff LA? Ran a few hitches with them pre Katrina and cant get ahold of anyone there.

Thanks again


Need to try and get on with a Supply vessel company and log as much Sea time as U can stand my friend! Good Luck! Try