2M upgrade application requirements

Just wanted to make sure I am not leaving anything out.

I need the folllowing:

2M application
Flashing Light Certificate
Basic Safety Training and Radar certificate copies
Sea Time letters
Drug test?

Can I go to my family doctor and will a letter saying I am in a drug testing program work?

Letter for drug test works

I would try yo get a letter from the program that you are in. For example if Maritime Consortium runs your company drug test program you should ask them for it.
Another option is take a drug test and give the results or if you have a drug test thats wa s done in the last 6 months I think you can use that. ( double check that last part, not sure)

Go to the CG checklist website for your upgrade to 2M.

I’ve used a letter from my company several times now and it’s worked. They should have a form letter.

Just make sure your family doctor uses the uscg form for the physical. Other than that yiu should be good to go.

My company sends me a letter that I am involved in random drug testing. I don’t even mail anything in saying I’ve completed one