200grt/500gt itc inland to oceans

I hold a 200grt/500gt itc license inland great lakes, and are trying to upgrade straight to 200grt/500gt oceans. NMC doesnt have a checklist for the license? Whats stcw and sea time is required?

There is a whole thread on the 500 T upgrade, which includes the checklist:

Where have you been sailing on the Great Lakes?

Yeah, I saw that thread but im not looking at upgrading to 500grt, Im just wondering all the requriments to turn my 200grt/500gt itc inland great lakes into Oceans. What stcw, what celestrial course, and a NMC checklist for 200grt/500gt oceans. I have been running private yachts and racing the Chicago to Mackinac race on a proffessional race team on the great lakes.


I think I have a checklist at home and will look it up when I get of the ship this weekend. However of the top of my head, you will need NC or Ocean seatime, Flashing Light, Celestial, Nav Rules, to include International rules and probably a bit more.

Here’s the check list for Master 200 NC:


Oceans includes some celestial. You can email the NMC and ask for the specific check list.

Here are the checklists for NC and Oceans in PDF format.



I keep reading how we should upgrade to 500/1600 soon before the regs change, but what is going to happen to the 200 ton license? Is it going away like the 500 ton?

i originally was going for my 200 ton oceans, and found that i would actually have to do more things than a 500 ton oceans. for the 200 ton you have to do OINWS, and the coast guard told me that for me to complete this large check off sheet i would have to sail aboard a ship. I found that on the 500ton i would not have to do this. I went ahead and got my 500ton. If you have the sea time, you better off going for the 500. I went back and forth with the coast guard about this 200 ton oceans, they knew less than me, especially the nmc, they were just reading off of a prompt-no clue!

Use the check list for an original Master 200 GRT Oceans. There is no “increase in scope” to go from inalnd to n/c or oceans. It’s treated as an original application, but you can “re-use” any service used for your current license, provided it meets the requirements for the oceans license.