500GRT Master Inland VS. Near Coastal

Hey everyone, just another random question I hope I can have answered here. As many of you know, im trying to upgrade from my 100GRT NC masters license to 500 ton master before they 86 it. Iv asked this to quite a few people and have gotten some run around and some “i dont knows”.

-I have more than enough seatime to upgrade, however not enough money to take all the required courses for near coastal/oceans, my theory is this, take the required courses for INLAND and get the 500GRT master Inland before they get rid of it, then slowly as I have the money take the required courses to get the near coastal 500grt master and upgrade to near coastal/oceans.

So has anyone heard of somone doing this, I am assuming the test is the same. Would I still be able to use my 100 ton near coastal license while holding the 500 ton inland? Any help would be awesome.


You do know that you can go from 100 ton master to 500 ton master without taking all the OICNW classes and still keep your N/C or just man up and take celestial and get your oceans? Those classes are only required to go from deck to 500 ton mate.

Go to http://gcaptain.com/forum/500-ton-master-upgrade/Look in the first thread and download the checklist and you can see the classes you need to take. About 8 weeks total, but you may have already taken a few here and there so it could be less.

I believe he is referring to the STCW required classes, not the OICNW assessments. (Like firefighting, medical care provider, BST, RFPNW, BRM, etc) The problem with going to 500 inland then stepping up to NC later is that the inland license is not covered under STCW and all the new rule changes are because of STCW changes. I would think since the 500 inland guys arent regulated under the STCW system they probably will not be grandfathered into the new regime. I think to change from 500 Inland to 1600 NC after the changes you would have to take all the classes the same if you kept your 100 NC and upgraded to 1600 NC. However I could be completely wrong…