500 GRT Inland Master of Tow

If I were to get a 500 GRT Inland, and then proceed to get the Master of Tow for that license, if I were to then get a 200 GRT Near Coastal, would the Master of Tow be valid for the Near Coastal as well?
Also, I’ve heard that it is possible to get a Near Coastal License without the STCW requirements (500GRT), due to the fact that the STCW requirements are for international voyages only… with the caveat that a restriction to domestic would be added to the license. Has anyone heard this?

I think any answer you would get to this is subject to change when the ‘new’ rules come out this fall. I dont see how it’s possible to do all three things by the deadline that is coming.

Generally your question is a stumper for me. I am not sure how the transition from inland to near coastal will transpire. Unless you already have an application in the works, you won;t be able to get a 200 ton NC license after the changes take effect. They are doing away with the middle tonnage licenses. You will get either a 100 ton, or a 3000 ton license. They are cutting out all the middle level licenses, and going to ITC tonnage.

your question is interesting since others are watching, trying to figure out how to get over this hurdle the CG has put in licensing progression. FWIW, I don’t think there IS a way around it, and this is exactly what NMC wants, to close the ability of hawsepipers to progress upwards.

This is a prime example of what happens when a plethora of maritime graduates can’t find jobs, and go into governmental agencies (USCG) and now have the seniority to start enacting rules and regs which benefit their Alma maters and their graduates, to the detriment of the tradition of advancement from within the ranks. The term ‘blowhard’ comes to mind for some reason!

Hello cappy208,
Thank you for the response, I’m ignorant of all of the new requirements and changes that will soon be occurring, I’ve heard rumors, but nothing official. Would you mind sending a link or resource for furthering exploring these upcoming changes?
Also, if an application is in the process now, shouldn’t those applying be “grandfathered” in with the old requirements?