500T Inland to GL

I’ve searched to no avail, so apologies if this is floating out there somewhere I missed.

I have a 500T Master Inland license with near 15 years under my belt, but would like to start looking at GL jobs. In the checklists and CFRs for the <100 and 200T license it says 90 days are necessary to get a GL endorsement, but it says nothing for 500T. Should my license already be good for GL (that doesn’t sound right) and I just need to ask the NMC to pretty please write it into my MMC? Or is it 90 days time on the Great Lakes like the lesser tonnages?

I’m not familiar with the great lakes, but it appears to me that you have time and tonnage for 1600 Master.

Unfortunately all my time is on a 82T vessel, so I only qualify for Mate of 1600 at most. Though now that you mention it, 1600T Master also curiously lacks any mention of GL specific seatime. I was joking before about not needing actual time on GLs to get a >200T Master GL license, but now I’m not sure…

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There are a lot of folks here that can answer your questions. Just be patient. Might have to wait until traffic picks up on Monday. If I had to guess, I’d say that you are set.

Good luck.

Appreciate it! I’m in no rush.

My mid-tonnage Inland-only license tends to be weird; nobody bothers to get it since there aren’t any (maybe 1 or 2?) boats between 200-500T, so info on it tends to be sparse. Maybe I will end up just throwing some money into an Increase of Scope application to see what happens.

As far as I can see all inland licenses are for “great lakes and inland” except for the “master inland unlimited” ferry license. No great lakes time is required to get a “great lakes and inland” license.

If you somehow have a license for inland only just apply for a great lakes and inland license and you’ll almost certainly get it. (There may be a test depending on what you were tested for previously.)

I do indeed have an Inland-only license. When I upgraded from my original 100T Inland years ago, it never even occurred to me to request removal of the inland-only restriction since the lesser tonnages have a 90 day GL sea time requirement.

I’ll give it a shot. Worse they can say is no, right?

Which license requires 90 days on great lakes?

Pulling from the CFRs:

§ 11.455 Requirements for master of Great Lakes and inland self-propelled vessels of less than 100 GRT.
The minimum service required to qualify an applicant for an endorsement as master of Great Lakes and inland self-propelled vessels of less than 100 GRT is 1 year of total service in the deck department of self-propelled, sail, or auxiliary sail vessels. To obtain authority to serve on the Great Lakes, 3 months of the required service must have been on Great Lakes waters; otherwise the endorsement will be limited to the inland waters of the United States (excluding the Great Lakes).

200T has similar verbiage; 500 and 1600 do not, and AGT has Inland or GL sea time paths. It’s kinda all over the place.

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Ahh. I didn’t check all the way down the other day. You should be able to just apply for Master 500 ton GL&I and be fine. I’m surprised it didn’t happen automatically when you upgraded but maybe it’s a case of “you didn’t ask for it so they didn’t give it to you”.

Live chatted with the NMC. They essentially said- “Hey that’s a great question! Put in your application and see what an evaluator says.”

Not quite the concrete answer I was hoping for. Ah well. Submitted my application and we’ll see what happens.

Update- looks like I could indeed jump straight from Inland to GL with purely Inland time (albeit a LOT of it). Just making me test on Great Lakes Topics.

Speaking of which, I’ve been able to find a sample test for it but no study materials. Does anyone know where I can get the materials for this single module?