200 ton upgrade

If you already have a 100 ton master NC and take the 200 ton class and you work on a vessel 2994 tons with 840 sea days as an AB and turn in your application and certificates, will you get a 200 mate or master? Hopefully this run on sentence helps my case… Lol

I read the requirements which said something about running as master for x amount of days or service on a vessel of x amount of tonnage but I’m unsure if I am interpreting correctly.

Anyone who knows, please let me know.

You qualify for Mate 200 GRT if all your time is as AB. Only if you have the 360 days as master on your 100 ton you will qualify for Master 200 GRT…

Ok thank you!!

There is a caveat to the rules however. If you have served time as a master of an FRC, they will grant you a hall pass to proceed straight to 200 ton master of oceans.:smiley:

Really?!? Perfect!!! After that I’m hoping to jump to a 201 ton master! Any fast track ideas? I want to be just like my third captain!!!

Are you still on a 280? Nice boats

I’d try getting a license you can actually make some good money on. Jmho

I’m working on my 500 right now (mate) and have one class left. When that’s done I’ll test. I just have to get it done but I would much rather work in the license I have than as an AB. I have been thinking about shaving my head and polishing it to resemble my idol… Any tips? Not the one you and vinchinzo slip to each other… Lol

I’m not sure who you are referring to, but good luck on your endeavors

Guy on my boat has been checking this. It’s an inside joke.

Anyway, thanks for the help!!