1600 Ton Mate of Towing STCW

I have just finished up Leadership and Management and Bridge Resource Management trying to upgrade my license to 1600 Ton mate of towing. I don’t need all the STCW requirements for my current job but I want to be fully STCW compliant to stay flexible. My question is - what the hell do I actually need? Management level STCW? Operational level STCW? A license consultant I was speaking with didn’t exactly seem sure either. What are the large boats that require 1600 ton licenses looking for and what classes am I going to have to take? Thanks

You will need the operational level OICNW greater than 500t. Not sure what all classes and/or assessments are required for that nowadays. I’d look at the checklist for that on the NMCs website.

Mate is the operational level, the STCW endorsement is Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch. (Master is management level). It’s a lot of courses and assessments. See NVIC 12-14.