500/1600 nc mate question

I’m trying to get my 500 ton nc mate. I work in the Gulf of Mexico on a 500 ton supply boat as an AB. Do I need the OICNW endorsement to operate as a mate in the GOM? I know that international rules apply seaward of the demarcation line so I would assume I need the OICNW endorsement. However, I read that STCW doesnt apply to vessels that only has domestic voyages. I’ve tried calling the NMC about this but I get a differ answer each time. Can anyone break this down for me? Thanks.

I got mine about 7 years ago and had to have it. The good news is you should be able to do everything on there. Especially if ur going to be running as mate! Also… If at least you are over 200 tons on at least 18 mo of your sea time you can apply for a 3rd Mate license. The mate osv. 500. 1600. @ 3rd unlimited are all the same test. So might as go for the 3rd with a tonnage restriction !!!

You want to get the OICNW, I don’t think it is an option not to get it. If it is an option I would think it would limit your opportunities greatly in the GOM. As I understand it, STCW applies to any boat that is over 300 tons and operates beyond the demarcation line.

[QUOTE=psquiggs;136827]You want to get the OICNW, I don’t think it is an option not to get it. …[/QUOTE]

It is an option. The license and STCW are separate, you can get any license without meeting STCW. But as you noted, you may not be employable without both.