Question - unlimited mate OSV useless without a OICNW endorsement?

I have a 1600/3000 ton NC. I also have unlimited mate OSV. A company is saying that the unlimited mate OSV is useless without a OICNW endorsement to match. Any info will help.

That is correct. You need the STCW to go with the OSV endorsement. For that matter, you need it for any vessel over 200 Grt operating outside the boundary line on the coast.

Do you know what provision that is? And what is required to get it?

Its II/1 operational level OICNW 500 gt OSV or more. Go to the NMC website and look under the checklists. Its in there.
For the record, in case you didn’t know, that license is most likely useless without DP as well.

I have II/2. Am also working on dp. That provision should cover it?

I mean II/1

If you already have OICNW with no limitations you should be good. If you don’t, then you will most likely need assessments and/or courses.

Thanks for the help brother!

46 CFR 15.1103

46 CFR 11.309 and NVIC 12-14 or NVIC 1-17.

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Could you scan the STCW page of you MMC and redact the identifying information so we can see exactly what you have?