Zika and GOM

From the BBC:

[I]"The Florida department of health said “a high likelihood exists that four cases are the result of local transmission”, centred on one small area just north of downtown Miami. More than 1,650 cases of Zika have so far been detected in the United States, but the Florida cases would be the first in the US not involving sexual contact or foreign travel. “This is not just a Florida issue,” Gov Rick Scott said. "It’s a national issue - we just happen to be at the forefront."
In the latest reaction:[/I]

[li][I]The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said they anticipated more cases will emerge over the coming weeks…"[/I][/li][/ul]

To our Bayou Brethren: what are your thoughts on this? With Florida affected, Louisiana can’t be far behind. No joking here. If you come down with Zika on the job (which would likely be a relatively mild disease anyway, for an adult), the terms of the Jones Act would compel the company to pay for your treatment. And because it is a viral disease, and little can be done to care for you, no great expense. But if, God forbid, you have a infant born with severe deformities due to Zika, and consequent extraordinary medical measures are needed to help the infant, and the birth is paid for using company health insurance, the health insurance usage rate will skyrocket, which can drive-up premiums for everyone in the company. Mandatory “Zika Training” in the future? “Zika Pay” for those working in the Gulf? Serious stuff, for all of society. Let’s hope the CDC develops a vaccine pronto.

Zika mosquito: thrives in hot water, hard to wipe out

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Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others? Take a look at these 9 different reasons.


I don’t remember too many mosquito bites myself out in the middle of the gulf, especially being covered in a one piece monkey suit, gloves, and high boots. But an interesting question nonetheless. I could see an increased burden on supply boat shipments leaving Fourchon to ensure bug free shipments, especially food. I wonder how/if ships with port calls in confirmed infected areas are handling the risk. I know if I was planning on having a kid in the near future it would be a concern worth considering.

Jeaux will send out a corporate edict instructing the crew to purchase and use OFF mosquito repellent.

Mosquito Repellents That Best Protect Against Zika



Mosquito Repellents That Best Protect Against Zika


Yea thanks, we get it, you figured out how to use the google machine.

what, you don’t like him pasting links?

Zika supposedly causes low brain development. In Fourchon how will they tell if it is Zika?

[QUOTE=Traitor Yankee;188223]Yea thanks, we get it, you figured out how to use the google machine.[/QUOTE]

Mate - Please post something with some content. Please tell us what you know about Zika? Go ahead look it up on Google that’s cool, as long as we keep moving forward. I learn new things every day. I had no idea about that mosquito shit before I looked it up.


Without Zika we wouldn’t have the Greatest whack packer of all time!