Zero emission ships by 2030?

Things are happening fast and furious at SMM in Hamburg:

Urging ships to use shore power while in port to reduce GHG emission and noise has been all the rage for some time.
Until it got too hot that is:

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As requirement for shore power use in ports around the world gets more wide spread more ships gets prepared for it and more ports are able to offer supplies at their wharfs.

But what about when the shops are at anchor within the ports?
No worries, power barges can be brought alongside to supply power generated from green hydrogen:

PS> Singapore will need a few of those:

European shipowners today welcome the EU’s proposed Net-Zero Industry Act, but with conditions:

Zero emission Coastal Express vessels on the Norwegian coast by 2030 is the aim:

Source: Hurtigruten
Partnere i Sea Zero-prosjektet: