Ulstein to design fossil fuel free container ship

It doesn’t say the intended capacity of the vessel. (??)

steel is a non renewable fossil, will it be made from renewable wood?
Growing and cutting that will get significant carbon credits…

The headline says “fossil FUEL free” but it doesn’t mention what will propel it.

these days you just need to say it to keep your investors interested…
The shipping industry and IMO cant decide what to do yet suddenly some companies are about to make bigger changes than just about any industry ever,mmmm
Maybe they will, but why the sudden interest in the green thing?

If I had to guess, I’d say the primary fuel is either methanol or ammonia. Perhaps it’ll be hydrogen ready?

I didn’t realize ships burns steel as fuel.

Also, didn’t know iron is of fossil origin or that once used, it cannot be recycled.

Yes it can be recycled and use lots less carbon when its remade.
Carbon is also in a loop being an element, we just use it in solid or liquid form and burn it to make a gas then the cycle starts again with the help of the sun
Should it be called a renewable?

I wonder how the carbon foot print of a ship looks like over its lifetime from build to scrap.
In the auto industry its rare the car emits as much carbon as it took to build it unless its heading toward 200,000 miles

Of course shipping for tonne moved is more efficient than any other but more ships means more Co2 renewable or not.
So if the worlds fleet get replaced for low carbon fuel and not repowered are we better or worse off?