Green washing in the shipping Industry

I spend a lot of time on vessels doing bunker surveys and container inspections and so on, and lately Ive been thinking about greenwashing in shipping, Ive noticed there seems to be an attempt to be more environment friendly, but i wonder, are these changes legit or just for show?

Take biofuels, for example. Some companies tout them as the future of a cleaner fleet, but do they really make a difference? Ive heard there are potentiol pollution issues with some of these fuels.

And what about those new sails and propulsion systems? Do they actually reduce emissions, or are they just a flashy distraction?

I’ve heard from captains who doubt these changes do much. Recently, I was on a vessel with a new sail contraption meant to save energy, but they hardly use it – seems more for show.

Is greenwashing a problem in shipping too?

Are these green initiatives genuine or just PR? And what’s really happening in shipping regarding environmental concerns?

I think it’s 95% BULLSHIT with negative return on investment.

I really wonder what customers are actually willing to pay more for the services of Green vessels.

I see large tug companies building one or two hybrid or electric experimental tugboats with government grant money, but I don’t see them building fleets of less powerful boats that cost twice as much.

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The sail thing has to be a gimick. Every time I see those concepts all i can think about is the maintance, and the massive blind sectors they must have for the bridge team.

The move away from HFO and towards less shitty fuels like LNG is a positive in my opinion. I dont know the science behind the biodisel but i like to beleive.

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